Submitter comment: This girls boyfriend is a “licensed” tattoo artist, she got bored and wanted a tattoo, so he gave her this. She has a few tattoos by him that have all come out horrid, but this one takes the cake. I first read it as “It Lart raik all the time.”
What’s awful? It’s practically illegible, taking multiple moments to realize what it states, I still read it wrong. The lines, oh man, those lines are on a whole different level, it looks as those he thickened up his lines in attempt to make it look better. The letter size goes from gargantuan to half the size in no time flat. Also, the environment this was done in is her house, and we all know how that goes, horribly! 
How it can be fixed? I honestly don’t even know, seeing as she later complained that it was far too painful, I think any kind of cover up would be out of the question. 
I’d love to hear a Mods take on this “beauty”. 
Mod comment:Since you asked… I thought it said “it fart rair all the timee”? Yikes…

I like the quote since its from one of my all time favorite movies, The Crow.